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Market Place

  • 100s of Suppliers and best price guaranteed
  • Zero convenience fee
  • Preloaded corporate fares with free meals, zero cancellation and free seat selection option
  • Exclusive contracted fares
  • Transparency
  • Best Fare fetched from multiple suppliers
  • Centralized payment
  • Corporate fares with free cancellation
  • Advance purchase benefit

AI based recommendation engine

Search becomes easier with Comprehension of natural language combined with a user friendly and interactive interface!

Expense Management

  • Enforce Travel policy compliance
  • Define policy based on Grades and Departments
  • Assign minimal resources
  • Save through better Travel Planning
  • Calendar planning : Feed your travel data and receive notification
  • Define approval flow, set approval matrix with multiple managers
  • Define Multiple application managers
  • Store reasons for out of policy
  • Travel approval log
  • File & track your expenses on the go

Traveler Utilities

  • Virtual Travel desk where you can manage and track your bookings with 24/7 support
  • Easy web check-In
  • Create an APPLE Pass for your boarding
  • User friendly Mobile app
  • All trips at a single place
  • In built profiling for name validation, meal and seat preferences
  • Saved Frequent Flyer Numbers
  • Can choose the best suitable option as the selection capacity lies with the Traveler


  • Gain actionable insights through exhaustive report system
  • Sales and Refund Reports
  • Account Ledger Report
  • Missed Saving Report
  • Advance Purchase Report
  • Approval Log Report
  • Travel Policy Compliance Report

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